If you are an imaginative or creative person you share with me the appreciation and marvel at really good new ideas that, once developed, appear so simple yet answer a definite need.  The correction device on this typewriter is a good example; and some people may content that the innovation of drop-shipping for feel cars falls into the "notable idea" column.  New good ideas seem to elude many of us but the overnight successes are what we read about.

For a number of years fleet managers have sought our help in their efforts to educate, motivate, and inform their drivers.  Fleet managers are typically so engrossed in the myriad responsibilities of fleet vehicle control they find it difficult to communicate effectively with their drivers.  Sure, it's easy to advise when it's the best time to replace a vehicle, but how can that same fleet manager motivate drivers to become safer, more time-efficient, and take pride in turning in a better than average condition vehicle?

After months of research, interviews, and study of related considerations, Bobit Publishing has developed a high attractive magazine to fill this driver education need.  This fall more than half a million copies of the publication, appropriately called Business Driver, will be directed to corporate vehicle drivers though the fleet manager and or leasing company.  Our editors are teaming up with special outside experts to fill the two issues each year with appealing, authoritative articles on conquering stress during long periods of driving; on the value of good vehicle care; covering the basic tenets to obtain the best in maintenance, service, and warrant work; time management both in and out of the vehicle; hot to maximize the non-taxable benefits of the vehicle for the driver; traveling tips and much more.  All are articles that are vehicle-oriented in a slick consumer-type style with professionally presented four-color layouts, calculated to ensure a more knowledgeable, efficient, safe, and happy driver with an intelligent positive mental attitude.

Business driver is designed to be highly readable, and to influence the driver to follow corporate fleet policies.  The magazine has the potential to save every company hundreds of dollars for each driver for the economical cover price of $2.00 per issue; or available in bulk through your lessor, or direct to company-owned fleets for $1.50 per issue.  If you have a cost-saving interest for your company and drivers, please drop me a letter or call for direct details.  Business Driver fills a need, a vital need for both the driver and the company fleet manager.

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Ed Bobit

Ed Bobit

Former Editor & Publisher

With more than 50 years in the fleet industry, Ed Bobit, former Automotive Fleet editor and publisher, reflected on issues affecting today’s fleets in his blog. He drew insight from his own experiences in the field and offered a perspective similar to that of a sports coach guiding his players.

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