The 2009 calendar-year saw concerns over impending diesel emissions standards, introduction of diesel particulate filters, and a heightened sense of concern over Department of Transportation (DOT) safety regulations and reviews.

Here are the 10 most viewed stories on in 2009:

  1. What Fleet Managers Should Know About Diesel Particulate Filters
  2. Forecast of Truck Fleet Management Trends: 2008-2010
  3. Aftermarket Crew Cab Conversions Offered for Several Medium-Duty Trucks
  4. Gas vs. Diesel
  5. The Armadillo's High Profile
  6. Materials of Trade - Are You Sure You Know the Limits?
  7. Have Traffic Violations Disqualified Your CDL Driver(s)?
  8. Re-rating GVWR: Why and How it's Done
  9. How to Ace a DOT Safety Review
  10. How to Prepare for a DOT Audit

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