LeasePlan USA has introduced a new door-to-door vehicle delivery program that leverages volume and develops strategic partnerships with key dealers, controls costs, increases service levels to fleet administrators and drivers, and dispatches vehicles within a 30-minute time window from distribution centers for both factory and out-of-stock vehicles.

“From start to finish, LeasePlan USA utilizes its established relationships with key dealers to maintain control of the vehicle from receipt at the dealership to termination of the turned-in asset,” said Jack Pierce, purchasing director for LeasePlan USA.

Chicago and Detroit are currently utilizing the service. The program will be expanded to Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

“Bottom line, LeasePlan’s door-to-door vehicle delivery program significantly increases the opportunity for fleet volume and profits within each dealership and decreases downtime for drivers,” said Pierce.

Under the new LeasePlan USA vehicle delivery service, drivers receive a phone call from a dispatcher to let them know their new vehicle is ready and to confirm delivery instructions. The car is delivered on time at the specified location; the plates are on the car; and a vehicle demonstration occurs. The old car is taken away.

“All of this occurs within a 30-minute window. And, your top performer is in the field working instead of sitting at a dealership waiting for his or her new vehicle,” said Pierce.

Currently, 55 percent of all fleet vehicles are delivered in nine major metro area markets, including Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

“Ask yourself this question: if a majority of fleet cars are delivered in nine major cities, then why did the old delivery scenario involve thousands of dealerships around the country - many used not because of their great customer service reputation or loyalty to the leasing company, rather because of their proximity to the driver?” said Pierce.