Photo by Vince Taroc.

Photo by Vince Taroc.

The national average gasoline price increased 3 cents to $2.67 from a week ago as drivers in states bearing the brunt of Hurricane Irma paid significantly higher prices to fuel their vehicles, according to AAA.

Gasoline prices rose 7 cents in Florida, Georgia, and Indiana, as the impact of Hurricane Irma is still being felt in the Southwest.

"Irma was one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in history," said Jeanette Casselano, a AAA spokesperson. "AAA's thoughts are with all those impacted. The safety of our response teams and members is our number one priority. Our regional teams are on standby to assist members in affected areas as soon as conditions allow."

While Irma is weakening, the storm is expected to bring eight to 20 inches of rain in parts of Florida through Wednesday and three to eight inches of rain to Georgia, South Carolina, and western North Carolina. Southern Tennessee and eastern Alabama should see up to five inches.

Irma has left more than 4 million people withour power and scattered water and debris across roadways. Once power can be restored and roads cleared, gasoline will able to be delivered to stations in the region, Casselano said.

"Total U.S. gasoline stocks sit above the five-year average," said Casselano. "Since much of Florida's gasoline delivery occurs via barge, all eyes will remain on port conditions as the storm passes."

Today, 69% of gas stations in the U.S. are selling gas at $2.50 or more. Only 7% list gas at $3 or more.

Diesel prices also increased over the week, rising 4.4 cents to $2.802, which is 40.3 cents higher that a week ago, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.