Accuscore, provider of the most accurate and risk predictive driver scoring technology for fleets and commercial insurers, is offering a fully hosted pilot experience, enabling the ability to evaluate the advantages of more accurate risk scoring, according to the company.

All the user needs to provide are drivers who will have the scoring app loaded on their phones or tablets, as well as provide Accuscore with minimal set up information.

During the pilot, the user will gain an understanding of the uniqueness of the Accuscore solution will have access to driver behavior scores with profiling and segmentation of risky behaviors, targeting of intervention populations, specific feedback to drivers about their behaviors, and monitoring of improvements in behaviors based on that feedback.

The user will become familiar with the running of the program so self-management of the program can be provided after the pilot, according to the company. Drivers will be able to see their scores on their phones or tablets, as well as their ranking within the fleet and the trending of their behaviors since the last reporting period. Management will see a more detailed view of scoring as well as rankings of the fleet in each measured behavior category.

The Hosted Pilot program is targeted toward 100 fleet vehicles being monitored over a 90-day period. By using company tablets or drivers’ smartphones, there is no incremental hardware cost, typically no incremental air time charges, no installation costs, and the service can be easily started and stopped.

The cost for the fully hosted offering is $5,000.