Photo of 2018 XE courtesy of Jaguar.

Photo of 2018 XE courtesy of Jaguar.

Jaguar Land Rover will offer corporate incentives for five Jaguar models and four Land Rover or Range Rover models as part of its dealer-based program.

Jaguar will offer $1,000 for the XE, $1,500 for the XF, $2,500 for the XJ, $2,500 for the F-Type, and $1,000 for the F-Pace luxury SUV.

Four of the six Land Rover/Range Rover models will carry incentives including $2,000 for the Land Rover Evoque, $1,000 for the Land Rover Discovery Sport, $1,000 for the Range Rover Sport, and $1,000 for the Range Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover will also sell its Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Velar as part of its 2018 lineup.