Azuga named its top 10 safest fleet customers of the third quarter during PestWorld 2016.

Every quarter, the company recognizes its safest fleet customers as part of the Azuga Fleet Safe Driving Awards program, which empowers fleets to incorporate safe driving into their operations and culture. Award recipients receive cash rewards, certificates, social media recognition and a prestigious reputation for being top performers among Azuga's global customer base.

"The awards program is an extension of Azuga's innovative and disruptive approach to social telematics that combines driver visibility, gamification and instant rewards for workers," explains Thomas Erdman, president of Azuga Fleet. "The program is proven to provide rich data insights on driver behavior and help reduce accident rates by up to 70 percent."

Azuga Fleet congratulates the top safest fleets from the third quarter of 2016. The fleet managers include Bob Hill of DeLeers Construction, Steve Evans of Evans Plumbing, Melissa Chorpenning of Gibson's Heating & Plumbing Inc., Jon Erickson of Soils & Structures, Inc., Denny Walker of Ko Olina Transportation, Hank Levesque of APG Electric Inc., Mike Vanderby of Courtice Auto Wreckers Limited, Chris Martin of the K Company Incorporated, Thomas Ejacko of Champion Charter, and Bert Miskell of Tri-State Home Services LLC.

Scoring and ranking is calculated by using a weighted average of a variety of components, including speeding, hard braking and idling events, which are captured by Azuga Fleet. For each component, the magnitude, duration, frequency and spatio-temporal index are factored to determine the conditions under which these events occurred.

"Our awards program is a unique way to stimulate healthy competition between drivers and fleets and transform positive company culture," says Nichole Champlin, Azuga's manager of customer success. "By helping drivers curb poor driving behavior in real-time through social telematics, and offering even greater recognition through the awards program, we've seen fleets drastically drive down accidents since the program's launch in 2015."

Azuga will be providing demos of its game-changing interactive solution from October 18–October 21 at PestWorld in booth 1331. To learn more about Azuga Fleet's GPS tracking and driver behavior solutions, and how to enroll in Azuga Fleet's social telematics program click here.