Fleet services provider ARI will demonstrate and discuss ways to improve a fleet’s return on investment at the upcoming Fleet Technology Expo, taking place Oct. 17-19 in Schaumburg, Ill.

Mark LeGrand, ARI's director of sales North and West, will showcase ways a company can ensure the vehicles in its fleet are on the road supporting positive revenue flow instead of spending time in the shop during an Oct. 18 session on emerging technologies. The session will highlight the latest options aimed at improving fleet efficiency. Fleet suppliers will present these technologies and explain how the ideas will benefit fleets.

LeGrand will highlight ARI VehicleDowntimeView, a tool that can locate a fleet vehicle under maintenance using GPS and telematics data. The tool can track the moment a vehicle arrives and departs from more over 68,000 shops in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Using the data, fleet managers can identify problematic vehicles and maintenance trends to improve a fleet maintenance program.

“All too often, a fleet is seen as an unavoidable expense – just another cost of doing business,” said LeGrand. “But ARI has a new data-driven approach that will turn that perspective on its head.”

In addition, at the Fleet Technology Expo, on Oct. 19, ARI will participate in a panel discussion titled “Do You Keep Vehicles in Service Too Long?” The Panel discussion will include George Belcher from Wheels, Inc., Brad Jacobs from Merchants Fleet and LeGrand. This conversation will highlight the best practices behind an effective vehicle replacement program and will be moderated by Automotive Fleet editor Chris Wolski.

“At a certain point in a vehicle’s lifespan, it will spend more time under repair and out of commission than out on the road doing the job it’s meant to do,” said LeGrand. “Knowing when to properly cycle your vehicles can keep your fleet up and running with less downtime, and having a strategic plan to support that effort can also help drive more capital dollars back into your budget.”

The Fleet Technology Expo is a conference designed for fleet professionals who oversee vehicle fleets of all sizes and types who are looking to improve their fleet operations through the use of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Among the topics that will be discussed at the event by industry heavy-hitters are the future of autonomous vehicles, how to improve vehicle safety through technology, alt-fuel technology, the future of mobility, and how to motivate employee-drivers through telematics gamification.

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