Commercial vehicle sales drove a rebound in Australian vehicle sales in August, which increased 4.6% over August 2015 figures, according to a report by the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

SUV and light commercial vehicle sales increased by more than 10% compared to August of 2015, according to the report. SUV sales now make up 37.3% of total sales, up from 34.8% in 2015, and light commercials account for 18.7% of sales, compared with 17.4% in 2015.

August also saw strong growth in business sales, with sales up 21.5% over a year ago. Sales of light commercial vehicles to business customers increased by 34.4% and sales of SUVs to business were up 31.2%.

Toyota continued to lead the market with 19.7% of total sales. Toyota was followed by Mazda (9.8%), Holden (8.1%), Ford (7.2%), and Hyundai (6.9%).

The light commercial market is up by 2,330 vehicle sales (16.2%). The heavy commercial vehicle market is up by 106 vehicles (3.9%) compared to a year ago, according to the report.