In preparation for the release of the upcoming Global Fleet Market Conditions Q3 2016 digital magazine, here is a recap of the Q1 – Q2 2016 Global Fleet Special Report issue, which reports on the market conditions of Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.

In case you missed it, here are the reports:

Analysis of Fleet Market Conditions in Brazil: The economic downturn in Brazil has shrunk its auto market 21% in 2015-CY. The market is forecast to shrink another 27% in 2016.

The State of the Australian Commercial Fleet Market: The Australian fleet market is poised to build on 2015 gains. Fleet application, fuel economy, carbon-dioxide emissions, safety, and TCO continue to play important roles in the purchase decision-making process.

New Zealand Fleet Market Conditions for CY-2016: Despite economic headwinds dampening demand for its exports into China, auto sales in New Zealand in 2015-CY hit an all-time record for commercial and retail vehicles.

Commercial Sales Increase 2.8% in Canada Despite Economic Head winds: As oil prices have dropped, the growth in fleet sales has shifted from the oil-rich provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan to the manufacturing provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The U.S. Commercial Fleet Market Continues to Be Strong: The commercial fleet market in the U.S. will remain strong well into 2017-CY due to steady growth in the national economy, low fuel prices, and low interest rates.

The Global Fleet Market Conditions Q3 2016 report will be available on the Global channel of later this month. It's listed under Global Fleet Market Reports.