UK-based Matrix Telematics will offer an upgrade for its Matrix IncidentCam, which launched earlier this year.

The device, which integrates with existing Matrix products to provide a seamless telematics solution, gives fleet managers a clearer picture of any incidents or road traffic accidents that their drivers may be involved in.

IncidentCam has had a memory upgrade from 8GB to 32GB of historic data, which equates to around 40 hours of driving video. The upgrade means fleet managers can now pinpoint and download a greater number of incidents that have taken place. Managers can do this remotely through the web portal.

This latest upgrade from the telematics innovator means IncidentCam is the only dashcam on the market that can provide historical footage on demand as well as automated incident and poor driving highlights.

IncidentCam's integrated memory and modem means there is no SD card retrieval necessary to view your footage, with all data retrieved remotely.

Using telematics devices located elsewhere on the vehicle, an incident will be detected immediately and the corresponding footage will be delivered via an email linking to management teams back at base – all within minutes of an event taking place. This data can be stored for as long as needed on the telematics portal and used for later analysis.

From everyday collisions, through to 'crash for cash' scams, IncidentCam captures on-the-road footage which is stored in the cloud.