The Jost Group has a received shipment of 100 Renault Trucks vehicles. The European transport and logistics company will add these vehicles to its fleet for international hauling. This shipment contained Renault Trucks T 460 models built with a 4×2 tractor configuration.

The Renault Trucks T 460 models, whose delivery was just completed, were specially configured to meet Jost Group’s needs on international transport routes.

“As regards engine specifications, we feel the 460 horsepower version to be a perfect compromise between required performance and the total cost of ownership, especially when considering the kinds of international hauling conditions these vehicles will be experiencing,” according to Joseph Schmitz, head of Group Purchasing. “These vehicles have all been identically fitted with the Fuel Eco Pack in order to optimize the fleet’s overall fuel consumption.”

This Fuel Eco Pack combines a whole host of smart technologies that serve to reduce vehicle consumption, including: an inhibited power mode, an eco cruise control setting with Optiroll-controlled free wheel action, a clutch-activated air compressor, a variable-speed power steering pump, and an automatic engine shutoff switch set at three minutes. The vehicles delivered to Jost also feature a differential locking mechanism on the rear axle, a speed reducer, aluminum air and fuel tanks, deflectors on both the roof and sides, air conditioning, a Bluetooth/MP3 docking station and a refrigerator beneath the bunk, according to Renault.

The Renault Trucks T 460 models will cover 120,000 kilometers a year, primarily across Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France. They have been equipped with a hydraulic system adapted to the use of skips and semitrailers.