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Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks Expands OptiTrack Towing Availability

The French automaker has been developing OptiTrack since 2009 to increase a vehicle's pulling power while still controlling fuel consumption and maintaining a high payload using two hydraulic motors in the vehicle's front wheels.

Renault Launches Maxity Euro 6 Truck

Renault Trucks is launching the Renault Maxity Euro 6. Equipped with a DTI 3, 130 or 150 hp engine, it incorporates selective catalytic reduction (SCR) depollution technology.

Algerian Logistics Company Takes Delivery of 159 Trucks

Renault Trucks Algeria has presented the keys of 94 vehicles to Béjaïa Logistique, a provider in the transport and goods handling sector. An additional delivery of 65 vehicles is planned for January 2016, making a total of 159 vehicles from the new range.

European Logistics Company Takes Delivery of Renault Trucks

The Jost Group has a received shipment of 100 Renault Trucks vehicles. The European transport and logistics company will add these vehicles to its fleet for international hauling. This shipment contained Renault Trucks T 460 models built with a 4×2 tractor configuration.