Photo courtesy of Osram Sylvania.

Photo courtesy of Osram Sylvania.

Osram Sylvania Products is recalling 129,000 sealed-beam headlamps because they may not meet federal standards for minimum intensity, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

The company is issuing two separate recalls involving two different headlamp models: H5001 and H5006. In both cases, the halogen headlamps may not provide enough illumination of distant objects or the roadway, NHTSA said. Headlamp owners are advised to return the lights to the place of purchase for a refund or replacements.

Both recalls are expected to begin in September. The H5001 recall affects 66,000 headlamps, and the H5006 recall affects 63,000. They were all manufactured from Feb. 3, 2014, through June 19 of this year.

Customers can reach Osram Sylvania at (800) 648-3411 or