Screen capture of UberEats website.

Screen capture of UberEats website.

Uber's subsidiary UberEats, steps up to compete with other food delivery services by having a set menu of items from participating restaurants that customer can choose from. The application underwent an update on Monday in which UberEats moved passed its sister ride-hauling services, TechCrunch reported.  

In Los Angeles, UberEats' service area spans from the Pacific Palisades to downtown Los Angeles The service is available during select hours each day.  

Customers can order multiple meals at once and use the pre-existing fare split feature to divide the cost among multiple people. 

Lunch options typically range from $9 to $15, while dinner options typically range from $10 to $18. The delivery fee is $3, regardless of the number of meals ordered. 

UberEats is now servicing Los Angeles; New York; Toronto; Austin, Texas; Chicago; and Barcelona, Spain.