Logo: Opel

Logo: Opel

Opel said it is taking the next step to become a mobility provider after successfully launching the carsharing app CarUnity. The automaker is investing in the Internet and app-based ridesharing platform flinc. GM Ventures (GMV), the investment division of General Motors, will realize the investment.

The technology used for flinc will play an important part in extending Opel’s mobility service offer throughout Europe, according to the automaker. Deutsche Bahn will join GMV and also become an investor.

“For Opel this partnership is a decisive strategic investment. It will be crucial in the future to evolve from a product manufacturer to a provider of networked mobility,” said Opel’s chief marketing officer Tina Müller.

Opel and flinc are already working together successfully, according to the automaker. A pilot project including an internal ridesharing platform for Opel employees in Rüsselsheim was launched in March. Currently, 9,000 rides per month are shared via the app-based platform, with an upward trend. In June, the partners also announced an expansion of the cooperation. From 2016, flinc will provide the technological platform, so that rides can be shared via Opel’s CarUnity app.

Cars can be shared no matter whether they are made by Opel or another brand, according to the automaker. CarUnity enables flexible, individual mobility throughout Germany at all times.