Heineken Ireland has appointed the United Kingdom division of Fleet Logistics International to manage its fleet. The business unit is a subsidiary of internation brewer, Heineken NV.

The company runs a fleet of about 212 vehicles, most of which are Volkswagen Passat for sales grades, BMW and Audi models for management grades, and Opel Vivaro for its commercial fleet.

Heineken Ireland switched to Fleet Logistics UK after 5 years with its previous supplier.

"We are looking for a one-stop shop for all our fleet management needs, and while cost savings are a target, they are not the main priority in year one," said Fernando Lallana, Heineken's procurement services manager.

Heineken Ireland has been based in Cork since 1856 and employs 534 staff. The brewery produces Heineken lager and several other leading brands and specialty beers.

“We have already taken various steps to improve vehicle acquisition costs and have been able to achieve an additional 5-8% savings in lease car rentals on the first batch of 20 new cars to be added to the fleet,” said Stuart Donnelly, Fleet Logistics’ international sales director.