Photo: Adam Pringle

Photo: Adam Pringle

ShipCarsNow and Ready Auto Transport have joined forces to provide truck or rail transportation to vehicle shippers as a response to increasing volumes for remarketed and new cars.

The move should increase carrier capacity and create transportation efficiencies for U.S. Manheim auto auction customers and other wholesale vehicle shippers, according to the companies.

"In addition to more capacity, in certain areas rail transport can help a seller reach more markets than direct truck at a comparable price," said Marty Coalson, ShipCarsNow's president.

ShipCarsNow is Union Pacific's vehicle transportation division. Ready Auto Transport, a Cox Automotive company, offers transportation and logistics for the remarketing industry. Cox also owns Manheim.

Through the alliance, the companies plan to offer wholesale vehicle shippers more capacity and auction destinations along with door-to-door shipment visibility. The companies' combined logistics process uses a combination of truck and rail transport, which provides a more economical and efficient way to move larger volumes of vehicles.

"As wholesale volume continues growing, this collaboration will play a significant role in the remarketing industry's movement of vehicle inventory," said Jerry Tassone, president of Ready Auto Transport.

ShipCarsNow works with most major U.S. railroads to provide nationwide rail access using 65 automotive rail ramps and 16 domestic port locations, 94 percent of which are within close proximity to Manheim's U.S. auto auctions.