Photo courtesy of Audi.

Photo courtesy of Audi.

Audi is upgrading its headlight technology with high-resolution matrix laser technology.

Matrix laser technology is based on the LaserSpot for high-beam lamps, which Audi first introduced to production in the Audi R8 LMX. The bright lasers make it possible to integrate projector technology in a compact and powerful headlight.

The biggest benefit to the technology is the added safety in road traffic, according to the automaker. The Matrix LED headlights can maintain brightness without causing glare to other drivers.

The upgraded technology will also allow drivers at lower speeds to have a greater distribution of light on a wide range. At higher speeds, the aperture of light is smaller, and the intensity and range is stronger.

Audi presented the laser light high beam for the first time at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Audi worked with Bosch and Osram to create the new Matrix technology. Osram is responsible for the blue laser diodes, while Bosch manufactured the mirrors used to redirect the blue laser light to a converter.