The U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent for an Apio Systems invention that uses a smartphone to detect the occurrence of a vehicle crash.

The company’s mobile platform can monitor and send real-time alerts to fleet managers, and also generate useful reports viewable through an online portal. This technology helps drivers improve their skills and allows fleet managers to closely monitor driver safety.

Apio Systems' proprietary technology "harnesses powerful sensors in smart devices to sense and identify a broad range of road and driving conditions to deliver real-time, highly relevant alerts that safeguard the driver, regardless of the vehicle," according to the company.

"We are focused on providing significantly enhanced safety to drivers today, right now, regardless of the vehicle that they drive," said Sascha Simon, founder and CEO of Apio Systems. "Our platform provides safety benefits that are highly accessible to all drivers by utilizing the smartphone, already in most drivers' pockets, without any additional expensive equipment or direct connection to the car."