LeasePlan USA has launched a new solution to help clients save by bundling risk management services, the fleet management company has announced.

"Through 3D Coverage, companies can choose the level of risk and safety management that's best for their fleet," said Jon Toups, LeasePlan's chief sales and marketing officer.

"As companies increase their commitment to safety, they see benefits to their bottom line with fewer accidents and lower insurance premiums," Toups said. "But more importantly, the 3D Coverage solution offers a balanced approach to protect drivers while behind the wheel of a company vehicle."

3D Coverage combines accident prevention programs, fleet auto insurance and claims management services in one plan. Clients can leverage LeasePlan's competitive group auto insurance rates and streamline processes with only one number to call to report a claim. Additionally, LeasePlan's insurance team and network of shops collaborate to expedite repairs and get drivers back on the road so business can keep moving.

LeasePlan has also announced the appointment of Bob Krueger to director of safety services. Krueger has managed the growing safety department since 2012. In the last three years, LeasePlan has seen an 88 percent increase in clients migrating toward a more comprehensive fleet safety program.

"We're continually identifying new ways to help companies create a safe environment for their employees," said Tony Blezien, vice president of operations. "3D coverage, along with Bob Krueger's direction, positions LeasePlan to provide the right tools and expertise that equate to time and cost savings, but most importantly, safer drivers."