In December 2014, the Board of Directors of JSL S.A. approved the creation of a new company called Movida Participacoes S.A., which will consolidate all its rent a car and fleet management and outsourcing activities. This new company will consist of more than 35,000 light vehicles, 19,000 already dedicated to the rent a car business through Movida and 16,000 operating in JSL Logistica's fleet management and outsourcing business.

This corporate reorganization aims to lay the foundation for the continuous growth of these businesses, in addition to allowing an improved visualization between the various segments where JSL S.A. operates, according to the company.

JSL Logistica has 28,000 light vehicles, 16,000 of which in fleet management and outsourcing with basic services offered in this market, which will be transferred to Movida Participacoes S.A. The remaining vehicles, more than 12,000, which are allocated to high-complexity and extremely customized services, will continue to be operated and developed by JSL Logistica, according to the company.

The consolidation of all these activities of JSL S.A. totaled more than 47,000 light vehicles, 35,000 of which from Movida Participacoes S.A. and 12,000 from JSL Logistica, which establishes its position as the 2nd largest vehicle fleet company in Brazil, based on information from companies in this market.