Donlen and INRIX, Inc. have collaborated to provide customers of Donlen's DriverPoint Telematics platform with added capabilities for analyzing fleet performance to reduce costs and liability from unsafe driver behavior, according to Donlen.

INRIX Driver Analytics is a Web-based service that integrates with Donlen's DriverPoint Telematics platform to provide fleets with enhanced visibility into driver behavior and safety. INRIX Driver Analytics allows visibility into driver performance compared to posted speed limits, road class, and road conditions throughout the day.

"The ability for fleets to gain immediate insight into driver performance within the context of actual driving conditions is crucial to fleets' efforts to reduce fuel consumption and liability costs through early notification of unsafe driver behavior," said Tom Sloan, Donlen's Manager of Telematics Products. "With speeding associated with a high percentage of driver accidents, INRIX Driver Analytics provides our fleet customers with the ability to monitor driver performance in real-time, addressing unsafe driver behavior before it's too late."

Key benefits DriverPoint with INRIX Driver Analytics includes:

  • Ability to detect excessive speeding and potentially unsafe driver behavior in real-time or via historical data that compares speeds of individual fleet vehicles with posted speed limits
  • Easy to use reporting tools that provide detailed information that identifies a fleet's best and worst performing drivers, as well as the severity of speeding behavior
  • Allow for preliminary back-end analysis regarding shifts in traffic congestion along key routes for improving route planning and dispatch.
  • A tool that helps fleet owners calibrate their fleets to meet regulatory compliance as well as validate performance.

"Increased insurance and liability costs associated with unsafe driver behavior have become a major challenge to the bottom line for fleet operators," said INRIX Vice President of Sales Warren Perry, "By helping fleets measure and manage driver performance through quality partners like Donlen, we're creating a network effect that result in safer roads and less delay for all drivers."  

INRIX Driver Analytics is built on a foundation of posted speed limits as well as real-time speeds from the INRIX traffic intelligence platform that analyzes real-time data from a variety of sources including traditional road sensors, accident and incident reports and a real-time crowd-sourced network of more than 175 million vehicles and mobile devices. Through analysis of billions of data points in real-time, INRIX provides insight into traffic speeds, travel times and the location of back-ups for every major road type and class from highways, ramps and interchanges to arterials, city streets and other secondary roads in 40 countries.

"We are excited to keep investing in technology that will keep our customers safe, and leveraging INRIX Driver Analytics will ensure that fleets have accurate information to make their jobs easier," Sloan added.