Photo of LNG fueling station in Nampa, Idaho, courtesy of Blu.

Photo of LNG fueling station in Nampa, Idaho, courtesy of Blu.

Blu. and the Intermountain Gas Company added an innovative gas recapture system to the Blu. liquid natural gas (LNG) fueling station in Nampa, Idaho, earlier this month to reduce harmful emissions.

The system captures boil-off gas from the LNG storage tank and returns it to the Intermountain gas pipeline to keep it from venting excess LNG into the atmosphere.

Here's a closer look at how the system works.

Boil-off LNG is released from the LNG tank into a pressure regulator, then warmed and returned to gaseous form. A chemical odorant is added for safety and consistency, and then the gas is injected into the pipeline after pressurization. The gas is metered before it passes into the pipeline, and the vented gas is sold to Intermountain at a commoditized rate.

The recapture system requires a minimal investment up front and is estimated to pay for itself within a year, according to the company.

Blu. plans to install gas recapture systems at other Idaho LNG fueling stations in Jerome and Idaho Falls, and eventually at all of its fueling stations that have access to a nearby natural gas pipeline and cooperation from the local gas utility.