The City of Muncie, Ind., will convert 12 refuse trucks to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and build a fast-fill fueling station it will share with the public.

The city has hired TruStar Energy to construct a CNG fueling station slated to open in May that will allow the city to reduce its overall fuel cost and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

"TruStar Energy is proud to bring the first CNG fueling station in the area to the City of Muncie," said Scott Edelbach, TruStar's vice president. "We're seeing more cities across the country looking toward CNG, as well as planning for dual-use stations that provide for public fueling."

The station will use two Ariel 200 horsepower compressors capable of producing the equivalent of nearly six gallons of gasoline per minute. The station will offer two fast-fill dispensers with credit card readers and on-site fuel storage.

The Muncie Police Department has already converted one of its patrol cars to run on CNG. Other city departments and considering converting vehicles, according to TruStar.