Venchurs CNG announced its new collaboration with 3M, utilizing the company’s newly certified compressed natural gas (CNG) tank. The 21.5 x 60-inch tank, designed for light- and medium-duty trucks, is lighter and offers greater capacity and cost savings, according to Venchurs.

“The fuel tank is the most expensive component to a CNG conversion,” said Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs. “By implementing the use of 3M’s new tank, we’re hoping to cut our costs and ultimately the price of our conversions, making CNG-powered vehicles a more viable option for fleet and retail customers alike.”

While the Venchurs CNG dedicated model is a fit for those located in areas of heavy infrastructure, the bi-fuel model helps eliminate range anxiety with a combined total range of more than 650 miles and on-the-fly switching between fuel types. Because Venchurs is a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) for Ford Motor Company, the original Ford warranty stays intact and the conversions can be financed through Ford Credit.

Venchurs has a ship-thru facility in Louisville, Ky., as well as a remote ship-thru facility in Adrian, Mich., where trucks can be customized to meet all the needs of the customer.

Companies interested in adding CNG Ford F-250s or F-350s to their fleets are invited to apply for Venchurs’ short-term loaner program, where they can put the converted trucks to the test.