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How to Avoid Vehicle Graphics Mistakes

Many fleets already understand the overall value of a fleet graphics package for branding, advertising, and keeping a clean appearance. Do you know how to avoid costly mistakes in graphics creation and installation?

Avoid Getting a 'Bad Wrap'

Making a mistake in the design, material selection, and maintenance of vehicle graphics can project the wrong impression and be costly in the long run.

What Is the Future for Full-Time Fleet Managers?

Should fleet managers he worried about "total fleet management" programs? Fleet management companies say no, however, some fleet managers feel these programs may ultimately threaten their very existence.

3M's Tim Hoffmann Wins 1990 Fleet Manager Award

One of the crowning achievements in fleet management is being named the Professional Fleet Manager of the Year. This year's winner is Tim Hoffmann of 3M, who manages the corporation's fleet of over 5,700 vehicles.