OKLAHOMA CITY – The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments has awarded Midwest City, Okla., a $147,190 grant to fund construction and installation of a biofuels fueling island for use by city fleet vehicles.

The project includes two 12,000-gallon underground storage tanks designed for E85 and B20, as well as a fuel site control system, blender pumps and associated equipment.

As a condition of the grant, the city has agreed to fuel its flex-fuel vehicles solely with E85.

“Meeting the energy needs of the future requires a balanced solution, one that includes innovative, environmentally responsible and cost-effective projects like this one,” said Craig R. Davis, transportation manager for the city’s fleet services department. “Currently, we are missing out on an excellent opportunity to clean the air by not utilizing our current vehicles’ OEM clean fuel technology to the fullest extent.”

Once the project is complete, that will all change.