Photo of the 2014 Ram ProMaster by Vince Taroc.

Photo of the 2014 Ram ProMaster by Vince Taroc.

Sales of cars, trucks, and SUVs to commercial fleet customers rose 21.1 percent in August compared to a year ago, as vehicle manufacturers continue to increase fleet market share through the first eight months of 2014, according to Automotive Fleet data.

Nine manufacturers not including Honda, which doesn't have a fleet sales unit, sold 7,666 more units than they did in August of 2013 for a 21.1 percent increase year over year. The increase came across various vehicle types with passenger cars seeing a slight edge (a 21.4 percent increase) over other vehicles.

Fleet sales remain strong in 2014. Through the first eight months of the year, the nine manufacturers have sold 405,120 fleet vehicles compared to the 378,977 sold a year ago for a 6.9 percent increase (26,143 units) in the eight-month period.

Meanwhile, sales to government fleets also remain strong. The manufacturers increased total sales by 17.7 percent in August, selling 18,882 units. Year to date, the manufacturers have sold 170,802 vehicles to agencies for a 7.8 percent increase over 2013.