Screenshot via LoJack.

Screenshot via LoJack.

The Boston Globe has equipped more than 130 delivery and service vehicles with LoJack Fleet Management powered by TomTom, which allows the media outlet to track trip, fuel, and maintenance data.

The fleet management platform should help newspaper delivery drivers operate more efficiently from Maine to Rhode Island when delivering the Boston Herald, Telegram & Gazette, Patriot Ledger, Brockton Enterprise, and the northeast edition of the New York Times.

The Boston Globe picked the cloud-based fleet management solution for its advanced management tools, including a customized Web interface for fleet managers and vehicle operators. Each vehicle is equipped with a fleet management device that has been designed to help measure driver behavior, such as idling and sudden decelerations, and improve safety and fuel efficiency.  

Additionally, LoJack's fleet management solution will help the Boston Globe's fleet of trucks reduce their carbon footprint by improving gas mileage, streamlining job dispatch and scheduling, which will reduce unnecessary mileage.