The number of vehicles on New Zealand roads ended 2013 at 2.48 million in one of the strongest years for automotive growth in the country since 2005, according to the Motor Trade Association.

More than 57,000 additional vehicles arrived on New Zealand roadways during 2013, a 2.4 percent increase. It was the strongest growth since 2005, a year that added 2.8 percent more vehicles.

The strong market for new and first-time used import cars over the past 18 months has contributed strongly to the overall growth in the size of the car fleet. Fuel costs have been relatively stable over recent months and new roadway projects underway in many parts of the country are encouraging car use, according to an association release.

Registered car dealers, known as traders, increased 22 percent in 2013, and rate of scrapped has fallen to its lowest level in four years. In 2013, 131,000 cars were scrapped.

New Zealand's population is expected to reach 5 million by 2020. In 2012, it stood at 4.43 million.