Image coutesy of NHTSA.

Image coutesy of NHTSA.

Are you confident that all your fleet drivers instantly recognize and know the meaning behind the dashboard warning symbol pictured at right? Does your driver training program adequately address the importance of monitoring tire pressure?

In a recent consumer survey, 42 percent of participating drivers failed to identify the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) icon. Schrader International, a manufacturer of sensing and valve solutions, conducted the survey.

In addition, one in 10 drivers admitted to intentionally ignoring a TPMS warning and continuing to drive. Forty-two percent admitted they rarely check their tire air pressure.

All vehicles from 2008 and later model years are equipped with TPMS technology. In fact, many vehicles from the 2000-2007 model years also have TPMS.

To view a video about the origins and benefits of TPMS, you can click on the photo or link below.

VIDEO: Tire Pressure Monitoring Made Simple