Small business trucking companies can now search for various policies and obtain vehicle insurance quotes using the Auto Pros online quotation tool.

The rates that are offered through agencies in the U.S. are meant to help small business owners with one or more transport or delivery vehicles. The agencies that are quoting the plans online are top-rated companies that specialize in commercial vehicle insurance.

The commercial insurance rates that some companies provide to business owners can be higher or lower depending on the size of the vehicle fleet. Business credit ratings can also be used to prepare the final rates that companies pay for commercial insurance. The Auto Pros system is now able to produce the vehicle insurance quotes using company zip code data.

The fleet rates that are provided are linked to one type of insurance product that is offered through the company system and additional policies can be searched online, according to the company.

Auto Pros also provides an online warranty tool. Commercial vehicle owners can use the warranty tool to find the best OEM parts coverage and repair coverage.