Prova Systems has launched support for international vehicle fleets through inclusion of metric measurements in Fleet Genius PRO. The new feature is available immediately and mirrors features already supported in the Prova VHM OBD-2 fleet monitors.

The new feature allows international customers to immediately switch over to metric measurements for all aspects of the Fleet Genius PRO system operations including detailed metric measurements for trips in the trip tracking section of the software, as well as metric measures in the company's KPI feature. The new metric support is also now integrated into Fleet Genius policy manager for metric-driven fleet policies.

The new metric feature allows customers to view the results of their fleet management efforts in either metric or imperial measures. Customers can switch between the two systems without impacting base system information, according to the company.

The system is available immediately and is available to all customers including Fleet Genius PRO subscribers and the company's Fleet Genius five-vehicle system.