MiX Telematics and Tata Automobile have announced their first partnership agreement in South Africa. Tata Automobile will provide customers in the country with premium fleet management solutions across its entire commercial vehicle range for the first time. The new service offering, Tata Automobile Telematics, is available at 51 Tata dealerships around the country, according to MiX.

As well as providing the technology, MiX Telematics will take care of the fleet management services on Tata Automobile’s behalf. The partnership therefore allows Tata Automobile to continue focusing on its core competency, according to MiX.

According to MiX Telematics, obtaining the data from the vehicle is only one part of the equation. The real value derived by fleet operators using an effective fleet management solution comes with understanding and turning that data into actions. An example of this would be analyzing driver behavior and identifying how it’s affecting fuel consumption. In addition to real-time, in-cab alerts that help drivers improve their driving style, driver training can be mapped and implemented according to the need.