2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler Group is recalling 91,559 2014 model-year Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs so that dealers can update the ABS and instrument cluster module software and tighten the alternator ground wire.

Because of a disruption of computer communications and loose alternator ground wires, these vehicles might experience random illumination of instrument cluster warning lights, loss of cluster illumination and loss of anti-lock brake system (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC) function, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported.

The recall affects Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles manufactured between Jan. 8 through Aug. 20 of this year. 

There will no charge for the dealer repairs. The recall gets under way this month.

Owners can reach Chrysler at 1-800-247-9753. Chrysler's recall campaign number is N58.