A group from the Ford Motor Company was recently honored to be named one of the three finalists in the running for the INFORMS Innovative Applications in Analytics Award, which recognizes creative and unique developments, applications, or combinations of analytical techniques.

Ford’s team, which includes Daniel Reich, Sandra L. Winkler, Erica Klampfl, and Natalie Olson, will present “Enabling Greater Sustainability in Vehicle Fleet Sales through Customer Oriented Analytics” at the upcoming Spring INFORMS Business Analytics and Operations Research Conference in Boston at the end of March 2014.

The presentation will highlight Ford's Fleet Purchase Planner, which promotes sustainability as a central purchase consideration for organizations with large vehicle fleets. This decision support system is designed to simplify this process by optimizing for individual driving patterns.

This is the second recognition Ford has received for Fleet Purchase Planner. In February, it won the Best Application Paper Award at the International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems. Teams from IBM and Fiserv will also be competing for the award this spring.