After 30 years of suspension, Afghanistan is back as the 58th country to enjoy facilitated and secure trade by international road transport, as the TIR System has been reactivated for transport operations to, from and across Afghanistan.

While enabling the Afghan business community to trade with its partners in a facilitated and secure way with reduced transport times and costs, reactivating TIR in Afghanistan will also open up considerable economic opportunities for landlocked Central Asian countries that can now trade with all TIR countries by road and facilitate their access to sea.  

True to the public-private partnership that drives the TIR System, IRU member, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) has been confirmed by Afghan competent authorities as the issuing and guaranteeing Association for TIR Carnets in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as of 4 September 2013.

TIR training was also provided to ACCI personnel, as well as Afghan Customs officers and transport operators, to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the TIR system, including the use of its main risk management, highly secure IT tools.