Michelin said it is voluntarily recalling certain sizes of its Michelin LTX M/S 2, Michelin X Radial LT2 and Michelin Latitude Tour tires. Michelin is recalling 100,000 tires in order to retrieve about 2,500 affected tires. The company said these tires are typically found on light trucks and SUVs. The reason for the recall, according to Michelin, is that affected tires could have partial or full sidewall perforations that could cause them to experience loss of air pressure.

Michelin recommends removing these tires as soon as possible. Michelin said it will replace any tires from the included list on their vehicles even if they are not part of the group of 2,500 known affected tires. Michelin will replace the tires with a similar product free of charge. To replace the tires, Michelin said tire owners should visit a Michelin dealer.

The tires were produced between Sept. 2012 and early June 2013, according to the company.

Sizes are as follows:

  • Michelin LTX M/S 2: P275/55R20 111T RBL, P265/65R18 112T and P265/60R18 109T ORWL
  • Michelin X Radial LT2: P265/65R18 112T and P275/55R20 111T
  • Michelin Latitude Tour: P255/60R19 108S and P255/70R18 112T