Here are a few tips, provided by the Tennessee DMV, about sharing the road with emergency vehicles. You may want to pass this advice along to your drivers.

  • If you are in an intersection, drive on through the intersection before pulling over, or you may block the emergency vehicle’s path through the intersection.
  • Do not pull over to the right if your vehicle will block a side road or driveway. The emergency vehicle may need to turn into that road or driveway to get to the incident scene.
  • If the traffic light is red, stay where you are. If the light turns green before the emergency vehicle has passed, do not proceed on green. Wait until the emergency vehicle has passed or turned onto a different street.
  • When yielding to emergency vehicles, get in the habit of turning down the volume on the radio (if on) so you can hear any instructions or directions given out over the emergency vehicle’s loudspeaker. Your immediate reaction to such directions may be critically needed.

And here’s a video, produced by the Kansas City Police Department, which explains why pulling over immediately is so important when you see or hear an approaching emergency vehicle with its lights and siren on.