Finland-based Tramigo recently launched full Arabic language support to all its new vehicle and asset tracking products, firmware, user interface software, TLD Landmarks standard and technical/sales support.

"Not only are our PC, Android and other interfaces in Arabic, but also our TLD Landmarks standard is now fully in Arabic. This means a new level of user friendliness, efficiency, and privacy for all vehicle owners and other tracking technology users in the Arab world,” said Arto Tiitinen, Tramigo’s CEO. “Private car users, enterprise fleet owners and government vehicles/assets can, for the first time, fully rely on Arabic language tracking technology that doesn't require Internet based visual mapping like Google Maps. Moreover, there is no requirement for foreign servers and in case of emergencies can be fully used without Internet."

In addition, the company has developed a special M1 Fleet Enterprise Server Offline Edition for Arab regional government and large fleet owners. This  will allow government entities and corporations to  set up a fleet control center for large fleets, without Internet or simultaneously using offline and online tracking.

According to the company, its M1 Fleet Enterprise Offline Edition is used by various security professionals around the world including police forces, armies, vehicle recovery service providers, and other private/public security focused operations.

The company has also opened a full-scale Arab World Support Center in Dubai to support its tracking products. The center will offer 24/7 technical support via e-mail, Skype, and the telephone.

“Furthermore, we welcome all reseller, distributor and existing fleet management service providers to join the Tramigo family. We offer excellent starter packages with full training from our Dubai office,” said Ammar Omar Basha, general manager of the Tramigo Arab World Support Center. “All of our vehicle tracking hardware comes with 24 months standard warranty with repair service in Dubai if needed and all our fleet management UI software are free of charge and now in Arabic."