The U.S. price of diesel fuel rose 1.4 cents per gallon two weeks ago, bringing it to a national average of $1.295 per gallon, according to the Department of Energy. Diesel fuel has risen 14.1 cents per gallon since Feb. 25. At the beginning of the year, fuel cost surcharges imposed by truckers had been on the way out because of an extended price decline. Now, truckers are having to calculate the size of the surcharge they have to add. Diesel fuel costs rose in every region of the country, with the largest increase coming in the Rocky Mountain region, where the regional average was $1.322 per gallon, and the highest prices arriving on the West Coast, where the price rose to $1.397 per gallon. Lowest regional average prices are on the Gulf Coast, where diesel was selling for $1.261 per gallon, up one cent from last week. Despite the increases, however, Monday’s price was still 9.6 cents per gallon lower than a year ago, when it averaged $1.391 per gallon. The high last year came on May 28, 2001, when diesel fuel topped out at $1.529 per gallon.