SYSCO, a foodservice marketing and distributions, is in the process of converting its entire Southern California fleet to clean liquid natural gas (LNG). SYSCO LA has purchased 33 LNG trucks with funding assistance from public agencies including the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, the California Air Resources Board, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The agencies have also provided funding to help SYSCO build an LNG fueling station that will be accessible to the public. The company aims to convert its entire fleet to LNG by 2008, and estimates this will reduce overall fleet emissions by 46 percent, according to Mike Ducharm, vice president of transportation for SYSCO LA. SYSCO is using Caterpillar C-12 dual-fuel engines that run on a combination of 85 percent natural gas and 15 percent diesel to power its heavy-duty trucks, cutting emissions by more than half.