Hyundai Motor Co. announced on Nov. 28, 2001, that it plans to distribute its commercial vehicle products in the United States. Initially, Hyundai will offer a compact range of light and medium Class 4 and Class 6 vehicles through a dealer network that will be supported by a directly affiliated company, to be announced in early 2002. The light-duty and medium-duty trucks will be fully supported by parts, service, and warranty arrangements by Hyundai. Additional products for the U.S. market, incorporating powertrains developed by a commercial vehicle engine joint-venture with DaimlerChrysler, are planned for 2004. Bering Truck dealers, who earlier distributed custom-manufactured commercial vehicles by Hyundai, will have the opportunity to become Hyundai commercial vehicle dealers. Bering Truck was unable to meet its warranty, parts, and other obligations to its dealers and customers and closed its doors in June 2001. Since that time, Hyundai has voluntarily provided interim parts and warranty support to Bering Truck dealers and customers.