General Motors Corp. will fold its e-business arm back into the corporate organization, according to The Wall Street Journal. Mark Hogan, head of the unit known as e-GM, said the unit, which has about 100 employees, would be folded back into GM in the “near term,” while a spokesman said the process will begin over the next year, The Wall Street Journal said. Hogan did not specify what job he would take next, but he did say he hoped to go back to the core automotive business, the newspaper said. The Wall Street Journal said Ford Motor Co. has reduced the role of its e-business ventures and focused on its core vehicle business, as part of a move to reverse big losses this year. GM will also slash plans for a joint venture with U.S. dealers that would attract customers who now go to third-party sites for information, instead of GM’s own, The Wall Street Journal said. Hogan said the company is no longer considering buying part of a third-party provider, but will probably keep working with partner Autobytel Inc., the newspaper said.