Merchants Fleet officially announced Christina Malseed (Saneman) as the regional sales manager for the U.S. Eastern region on Jan. 9.  -  Photo: Automotive Fleet

Merchants Fleet officially announced Christina Malseed (Saneman) as the regional sales manager for the U.S. Eastern region on Jan. 9.

Photo: Automotive Fleet

For Christina Malseed (Saneman), becoming the regional sales manager for the U.S. Eastern region at Merchants Fleet is about more than just the title.

Malseed didn’t initially set out to become a fleet professional, but her 15-year career has led her to a role at Merchants during a “pivotal year” for the company.

“We are at the forefront of some exciting developments, particularly in technology and electric vehicles,” Malseed said. “The advancements we're making in these areas are not just about staying ahead of the curve; they're about redefining it. Our team is enthusiastic about the potential these innovations hold, not only for our company but for the entire fleet management industry."

A Look at Malseed's Journey to Merchants

Before joining Merchants, Malseed served as the vice president of Sales at Element Fleet Management, where she played a role in empowering clients with optimization strategies that spanned from acquisition and financing to program management and vehicle remarketing.

“This background has enhanced my skills in not only understanding the technical aspects of the industry but has also allowed me to bring a different approach to partnering with customers to meet their specific needs,” Malseed said.

Malseed added that she credits her success to leaders and mentors, even from outside of the fleet industry. The journey has also provided Malseed with a different look at fleet management.

“Being a woman in the fleet industry today is an exciting and empowering experience,” she said. “This journey has not only shaped my professional skills but has also given me a unique perspective on the importance of diversity and mentorship in shaping a successful career in fleet management.”

Malseed’s experience has also prepared her for potential challenges in her new role.

“I approach challenges as opportunities to innovate and grow,” she said. “It's often the hurdles we encounter that push us to think more creatively, solve problems more effectively, and develop new skills.”

Malseed noticed how Merchants navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and felt the company’s “track record of turning challenges into opportunities” was familiar.

“Merchants didn't just manage to survive; it thrived by helping clients adapt and by driving industry-wide change,” she said. “This mindset aligns with my approach, and I'm excited to tackle any challenges that come my way in this role, viewing them as chances to further our goals and redefine what's possible in fleet management.”

Merchants Adds to Team, What Malseed Adds to Merchants

Merchants appointing Malseed as regional sales manager shows how the company is continuing to add to its team.

In June 2023, Merchants announced the hire of Kirk Hoffman as the company’s new senior vice president and chief financial officer.

Later in September, the company announced the hire of Nick Hafto as regional sales manager for the Greater Indianapolis Area.  

Malseed is adding an entrepreneurial spirit to Merchants, citing one piece of advice that has stayed with her throughout the years.

“You are the entrepreneur here, building the business with the support of a large organization behind you,” Malseed recited. “I see a tremendous opportunity in leveraging Merchants Fleet's innovative and adaptable approach to meet unique customer needs and carve out new opportunities. My aim is to harness these strengths to find solutions, create value for our clients, and drive substantial growth in our region.”

Malseed holds a bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame of Maryland University and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

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