Uber and Waymo expand their partnership. - Photo: Uber/Waymo/Fleet Foward

Uber and Waymo expand their partnership.

Photo: Uber/Waymo/Fleet Foward

Uber customers in the Metro Phoenix area, spanning over 225 square miles, now can be paired with a fully autonomous, all-electric Waymo ride.

These rides come without a human driver at the helm with Waymo's technology.

When a rider requests an UberX, Uber Green, Uber Comfort, or Uber Comfort Electric ride using the Uber app, they can select a Waymo vehicle if a match is found.

This marks the initial stage of Waymo’s collaboration with Uber.

Tekedra Mawakana, co-CEO of Waymo, commented on this partnership in a Waymo press release, emphasizing the chance for Uber riders to experience the Waymo Driver. The aim is to bring the safety, consistency, and enjoyment of traveling with the Waymo Driver to as many people as possible as Waymo continues to expand its operations.

Uber and Waymo's Autonomous Alliance Expands

Those who prefer to summon the Waymo Driver directly can still do so through the Waymo One app, which is accessible to the public in Metro Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and soon, Austin.

Metro Phoenix has seen tens of thousands of individuals availing Waymo Driver rides each month, with the service providing over 10,000 rides per week in the region. Many of these rides connect passengers to and from Sky Harbor International Airport.

Waymo's presence in Metro Phoenix has grown over the years, marking five years since the launch of Waymo One in Chandler, Arizona.

This period also signifies three years of offering a fully autonomous service to the public. During this time, the service area in Phoenix has expanded fivefold, solidifying its status as the largest autonomous vehicle ride-hailing region worldwide.

This collaboration with Uber is a means to bring the advantages of safe and dependable autonomous driving technology to a broader audience, allowing more individuals to savor the thrill of traveling in Waymo vehicles.

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