LeasePlan Plan USA is beta testing in the U.S. a product known as Plan8Push, a reporting tool previously introduced to its European clients. Plan8Push includes reporting capabilities that serve as an extension to ePlan reports. Such capabilities include exception reporting, budget reporting, and push technology. Plan8Push also allows the user to design individual reports based on the information required and allows the fleet manager to have this information “pushed” to him or her via e-mail, short message service (sms), or fax every week, month, or whatever time period is necessary. Clients can also request that customized reports be built by LeasePlan and “pushed” to them based on their time requirements. “The information can be sent as raw data, or can be arranged in graphs and charts built into the program,” said Dave Bush, chief information officer for LeasePlan USA. “In the future, managers of global LeasePlan fleets will be able to use Plan8Push to capture fleet data in every country where LeasePlan operates and have this data sent electronically on an as needed basis.”