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Automotive Fleet presents “Sound Off” to encourage and facilitate discussion of today’s fleet industry challenges through the exchange of diverse industry voices. This column offers a platform for fleet professionals to share their voices with peers and other industry professionals.

Here’s what’s been top of mind for fleet professionals lately:

No Regrets

Recently, while I was being interviewed for a podcast, we fell into a discussion about regret. The conversation had brought up a time in my 20s when I had lost three very important people in my life and had major regret around my relationships with the people I had lost.

I had taken them for granted, had not appreciated them enough, didn’t tell them what I appreciated about them or how much I loved them. This way of operating caused me major regret! So, I decided to immediately change my behavior and it has benefited me for twenty plus years.

The interviewer brought up the importance of regret as a motivator and catalyst for change. He was right, we can use regret to be better. It can help us move in a better direction if we let it motivate ourselves.

I recently spoke with someone who had turned 60 and was having some regret around their career choice. They had been a doctor their whole adult life, it supported them well, they were good at it, but it was not something they were passionate about. As a result of recognizing it, they began pursuing activities on the side that feed them and is something they are far more passionate about.

Do you have any regrets? Honestly, do you have any regrets, either small or large? Instead of feeling bad about it, use it as a motivator for change. Do what is necessary to displace that regret with what you really want! Don’t look at it with helplessness. Take action, like the doctor I mentioned, and move into a more gratifying place. It is easy, you can start right now!   

Author Wished to be Anonymous

Definitely Worth the Listen

In a segment of ongoing State of the Fleet Industry video series in North America, Mike Antich spoke with Brendon Ross, vice president, finance for Enterprise Fleet Management about trends in fleet finance and strategy adjustments based on the current market dynamics. Definitely worth a listen if you click through to the full video!

Topics discussed included if fleets should reevaluate their future vehicle cycling plans based on current used-vehicle values and whether deficit spending could impact interest rates; the resolution of the unintended personal-use charge tax consequence on fleets in 2020; and how new accounting lease standards might impact future vehicle lifecycle trends.

Tim Mccormick, Director, Enterprise Fleet Management: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Eliminate Needless Weight

I just read the blog you wrote on “Eliminate Needless Curb Weight to Maximize ICE & EV Efficiencies.” I agree 100%.

In my early days in truck sales, I had a customer who had 10 heating and cooling trucks that were used for residential and commercial repairs and installations. His manager wanted to continue to use step vans with bins and racks that were literally warehouses on wheels. The owner asked me what he could save in just the cost of a step vans vs a cargo 1-ton van.

It was significant. He was not concerned about the additional cost and poorer fuel economy as much as the fact that the $10,000-15,000 in parts on each of his 10 trucks. I am sure if he were to go electric, he would be better off to have a compact electric truck deliver the required parts to the job site, and give the repair trucks better range.

Edward Burke, Director, Commercial Sales, Bollinger Motors; Oak Park, Mich.

Time to Get on the Offensive

I watched the State of the Fleet Industry video report entitled “Fleet Allocation to Carryover to MY-2024 Fleet Ordering for Most OEMs.” Proactive planning will continue to be the most important factor to controlling fleet costs in model year 2023-2024. It's time to get on the offensive.

Zachary Wood, Account Executive, Enterprise Fleet Management; St. Paul, Minn.

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