Voltera sites, builds, owns, and operates fit-for-purpose charging facilities to enable EV...

Voltera sites, builds, owns, and operates fit-for-purpose charging facilities to enable EV deployment. The partnership facilitates the latest in "as a Service" offerings that are helping to scale EV deployments in fleets. 

Photo: Voltera

Voltera announced a strategic partnership with Amerit Fleet Solutions to provide mobile fleet maintenance support onsite at EV charging sites that Voltera builds for its clients, according to the company's news release.

Voltera’s partnership with Amerit includes inspections, maintenance, and technical support, performed on location as vehicles are charging in Voltera’s charging sites.

Amerit’s EV Ready Technician Program ensures technicians have undergone training and are certified to perform necessary maintenance and repair on the newest electric vehicles across a broad range of OEMs.

“Amerit is an industry leader in fleet maintenance and has demonstrated a laser focus on the new area of EV fleet maintenance,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera “Voltera is not just deploying charging; we are managing operations on behalf of our customers which includes bringing strategic partners to the table, like Amerit, to maximize vehicle availability.”

Voltera added that fleet operators will gain benefits, like increased uptime, safety, and reliability, when this service is packaged as part of the charging facility.

“We’re happy to partner with Voltera and simplify the maintenance and support of Electric Fleet Vehicles by bringing comprehensive services directly to their charging depots,” said Dan Williams, CEO of Amerit Fleet Solutions. “Amerit will continue to execute its EV fleet support program, which alleviates the burden and complexity of maintaining these complex vehicles and ensures maximum uptime."